We are innovators.

We strive to make changes in the service industry. Our number one goal is to become the go to construction company for the general public. By  Providing: PROFESSIONAL SERVICE, UNBEATABLE VALUE, AND INSTANT ATTENTION

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Our Mission

We want to build a company that every home owner knows and trusts. This means providing exceptional work, going above and beyond on every project. Caring about every customer that turns to us for help and making the entire project a comfortable experience. We want to approach every project like its our life line. We will not leave the project until every customer knows and feels that we did the job with the highest level of  integrity.   

Shed builders, Painting contractors 

Shed builders, Painting contractors 


Nw Pro Construction LLC. is a partnership owned and operated home repair company. Specializing in Shed building and home painting, with experience in the field we strive for quality work and integrity service. We are shed builders and painting contractors that strive to do exactly what our clients want. NW Pro Construction is determined to identify every possible method to preserve the projects and the work done.  If you are looking to prepare your home for sale or just maintaining the integrity of your home, look no further. Call NW Pro Construction.